Automatic mechanisms, railways

In our store you will find Automated mechanisms and railways.

The automatic curtain hanging without staircase is the best and indispensable solution for all homes.You will find a single rail, double, triple and independent.The aluminum reinforced with a white plastic base and metal mechanism.Placed under all plaster and wooden frames but adapted and beneath any curtain rail.Availiable in any dimension desired.
The automatic mechanisms, railways you can find in us is strengthened aluminum in white color, inox, matt gold, bronze, single & double oval in the above colors and in shades of wood as well as plastic double railways.It is the ideal solution when no risers.

Automatic mechanisms, railways, railroad Oval in wood color

Oval railway in wooden color

 Automatic mechanisms, railways, Railway 3-4 curtain panels

Railway with 3-4 curtain panels

Automatic mechanisms, railways,Oval railway in inox, gold, bronze

Oval railway in inox, gold, bronze

Automatic mechanisms, railways, Double reinforced aluminum white

Double reinforced aluminum in white

Automatic mechanisms, railways, Ronda aluminum railway.

Ronda aluminum white railway

 Automatic mechanisms, railways, Double plastic white railroad

Double plastic railway,white railroad